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Tiësto (Yes, he has his very own umlaut)


July 30th,Victoria Park London, 25000 (partially drugged-up) people and a day full of music that I’m not particularly bothered about. Sounds like a reviewers dream!

Here you can find my review for on the 2010 Tiësto in The Park gig.


Lange: Harmonic Motion


Absolutely knackered after an awesome weekend at Nozstock (review to follow); at least now I can claim to have seen some pretty big trance and dance acts to compare Lange to.

Here’s a review of his new album, ‘Harmonic Motion’.

I’d be a liar if I told you I’d become a fan of ‘processed’ music but watching some of the DJ’s and acts at Nozstock I now have huge respect for the amount of skill required.



What’s the best thing about writing for an online ‘what’s on guide’? The free VIP/Press tickets to festivals and gigs. The latest two are for an ‘alternative’ festival in Herefordshire called Nozstock and the other is for Tiesto in Victoria Park. I’m not the biggest dance-music fan in the world and feel no love for drugged-up people in general but the atmosphere should be awesome. In fact, someone got all gushy and teary-eyed and wrote this:

‘25,000 people grab their Tiesto tickets and head to London’s glorious Victoria Park– as the man himself stages his very own one-day festival, an outdoor celebration of euphoric electronic music under a summer night’s sky.’

I’m always up for a spot of euphoria.