It Took Three Trys Before I Got My Poetic Licence.


A degree in English and Creative Writing means you’ve eventually got to do it yourself. Once you’ve done all the important procrastinating it’s a hell of a lot harder than reading someone else’s work. What follows is my take on poetry. one at a time.


Light nudge of the foot

It crumbles

Falls apart

Tiny flakes dispersing


Reticent cloud descends

Heaven scent

Still they smoulder

Impulses surging

Half dead; Fully alive


Livid flames meet dense oppression

Left unchecked

Result: Structural damage



About jayl27

I'm a 26 year-old freelancer, student and kayaker born in the RSA and now living in Norbiton, UK. I'm into alternative, classic rock and some metal (how modern..), have travelled lots and will be doing lots more as soon as my boiler's fixed. I sometimes train twice a day which explains my attachment to chocolate. I'm not a nerd but my primary school did make a special reading award just for me. I write about spirits and beverages, travel, books, environmental issues, sport-related stuff and whatever else takes my fancy. I read. Lots.

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