Is This Going To Cover Today’s Lunch Money?


THAT is the question. What I’m going to do about dinner is the next one but I prefer to cross each bridge when I get there…

Deciding that writing is what I really want to do brings up that old chestnut, money.

So many artists/writers/musicians face the romantic idea of creating something unique for the adoring masses but there’s nothing romantic about constantly being short of money. I guess that’s why so many people end up packing it in and giving up on (or at least delaying) their dreams.

It brings up a lot of questions. Is it fair to rely on someone else while going for something the numbers say is unlikely? Is it viable in this ‘financial climate’? (I f&%#@ing hate that phrase) Is it ‘wise’ to be spending your energy on this when others your age are making concrete steps in definite careers? Are you willing to accept that doing this may well mean that you don’t have a ‘proper’ job in the interim?

But most important of all, will you regret not doing it…?


About jayl27

I'm a 26 year-old freelancer, student and kayaker born in the RSA and now living in Norbiton, UK. I'm into alternative, classic rock and some metal (how modern..), have travelled lots and will be doing lots more as soon as my boiler's fixed. I sometimes train twice a day which explains my attachment to chocolate. I'm not a nerd but my primary school did make a special reading award just for me. I write about spirits and beverages, travel, books, environmental issues, sport-related stuff and whatever else takes my fancy. I read. Lots.

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