Light reading


I’ve always said I’d love to have my own library. The real deal, dark wood, all four walls covered in books, walkways half-way up, a metal bannister running all the way around and one of those rolling ladders able to make its way around the room.

To finish it off, all that’s required is a massive, deep chair and a fireplace. It’s all a bit colonial, but even so.

In the meantime this one would probably do. Aim for the stars and all that..


About jayl27

I'm a 26 year-old freelancer, student and kayaker born in the RSA and now living in Norbiton, UK. I'm into alternative, classic rock and some metal (how modern..), have travelled lots and will be doing lots more as soon as my boiler's fixed. I sometimes train twice a day which explains my attachment to chocolate. I'm not a nerd but my primary school did make a special reading award just for me. I write about spirits and beverages, travel, books, environmental issues, sport-related stuff and whatever else takes my fancy. I read. Lots.

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