AFI Brixton Academy 06/04/2010


AFI at London Brixton Academy on Tuesday night, supported by The Dear & Departed and Sick Of It All. Brilliant, fairly small venue and managed to get right up to the front. Things did get a little moshtastic and ridiculously sweaty.

Mobile uploads to follow + have a look on youtube for ‘AFI live Brixton 06/04/2010’. Even better live than I was expecting- Davey Havok’s voice is incredible, especially at the end of Death of Seasons. Set opened with Medicate from the latest album, ‘Crash Love’ followed by Girls Not Grey. Really good mix of old and new songs as well.

Only negative of the night was the bunch of gimps in front of us with mullets chanting ‘We are bleeding, we are one’. There’s always (at least) one…


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I'm a 26 year-old freelancer, student and kayaker born in the RSA and now living in Norbiton, UK. I'm into alternative, classic rock and some metal (how modern..), have travelled lots and will be doing lots more as soon as my boiler's fixed. I sometimes train twice a day which explains my attachment to chocolate. I'm not a nerd but my primary school did make a special reading award just for me. I write about spirits and beverages, travel, books, environmental issues, sport-related stuff and whatever else takes my fancy. I read. Lots.

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